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Current Job Openings

All positions are 100% remote.

We need to hire a part time animator who can animate 1st person animations, including weapon reloading animations, etc.


  • Past experience with animating 3d models for first person shooter games.

To apply, send samples of your work, resume and rate requirements to:

We are hiring a part time 3d modeler to decimate / retopologize high poly 3d models to be used for a mobile first person shooter game.

Pay: up to $15/hour.


  • Experience with hard surface modeling using blender or any other 3d modeling application.
  • Show experience with creating or decimating high quality 3d models.

To apply, send samples of your work, resume and rate requirements to:

We are hiring a Junior Unity 3D game developer to continue development and bug fixes on our suite of mobile first person shooter games. This is a long term contract.


2 years of Unity development
Experience with consuming JSON via REST services.
Experience with implementing great looking UI designs.

To apply, send your resume and the answers to the following questions to :

1. Describe your experience with REST APIs. Be specific about which ones you’ve implemented.
2. Which authentication services have you implemented before, such as Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, Google Play Games, etc.
3. What is the most difficult technical challenge you have solved in the past?

We are need of a new map for an upcoming mobile FPS Unity game, Project Gamma FPS. Check out our previous titles Bullet Force and Forward Assault on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

We are looking for higher poly maps than the ones that we were made our previous games, although they should still be optimized for mobile.

We are looking for someone who is very responsive and available full time, if possible.

There is a possibility for more work if this first map is done to our satisfaction.

You need to be able to take a blocked out map and concept art and create a finished, mobile game-ready map.

For interested and experienced professionals,  send your resume and samples of your work to :