The Creator’s Club is an exclusive club for our best Bullet Force and Forward Assault content creators who have 1k or more subscribers. Upon your acceptance, you’ll have access to the ammunition you need to shoot the best videos and engage your audience.  

So what are the perks?

  1. A monthly GOLD ration determined by your rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    • You can give this GOLD away, use it to purchase cases and weapons, or combination of both.
  2. The ability to fund any extra giveaways
    • Want to give your audience GOLD beyond your monthly rations? No problem! We’ll work with you to transfer GOLD from your account to your audience.
  3. Special Creator’s Club in game tag
    • We’ll make sure people know you’re in the club inside the game and out! With your unique in game tag you’ll be able to advertise that you’re a creator while playing the game.
  4. In game promotion of your videos
    • When you’re in the club, your videos will be given priority for in game promotion!
  5. Be the first to know about new features and updates
    • You’ll be granted special clearance to receive the Armory Newsletter.  Inside you’ll be the first receive sneak peeks of future updates and exclusive game details.
  6. Direct Line to our Devs
    • You’ll be granted access to our Creator’s Club discord server. There you’ll be able to fraternize with other content creators and members of the development staff.

What are the ranks?


    • 1000+ Subscribers
    • 2.5K GOLD a month ration

    • 2500+ Subscribers
    • 5K GOLD a month ration
  3. GOLD

    • 10000+ Subscribers
    • 10k GOLD a month ration

That sounds awesome, how do I apply?

We’re accepting applications right now!