Prone and Supine (like in BF & CoD) suggestion for better gameplay ;)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BackSpacePL, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. BackSpacePL

    BackSpacePL New Member

    If Lucas add this body positions , the game will be AWESOME! Snipers are be better and of course this is must be a perk ;)

    And sorry for my ENGLISH :p image%3A3899.jpg image%3A3900.jpg
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  2. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    Would be cool to have those however it would create even more ways for campers to keep doing their thing lol.
  3. Twobullets

    Twobullets Member

    campers for the win !!!...
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  4. BackSpacePL

    BackSpacePL New Member

    fuck campers :) It's easier to make a headshot to snipers :V
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  5. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    The hill spot in park will be the hotspot for snipers
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  6. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    Lmao yup.

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