Does anyone regret buying any weapon?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lakshayy, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a option to sell your old weapons. Like you could get 35-50% credits back if you sell that. I regret buying RPG on my friend's suggestion and he could play well from it, I can't play with that. And I also regret buying saiga 12k, although it help me a lot but if I could sell it, I'll do. I bought dart hoping it will be awesome and it is but I rarely use it rpg195000 + saiga135000 + (plus attachment 13500+9000) + dart75000 = 4275000 credits wasted. :(
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  2. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    I regret buying the Vector and Deagle.

    You're probably wondering why as they really are OP however, the reason I would sell them is because I play Ranked Bullet Force, (Organised on Discord), and it has certain gun restrictions one of those being no gold guns.

    I don't really need them because I barely play public matches and only really play ranked because it really increases your skill and team play. I'd much rather sell those for even 500 gold each and buy some cases instead lol.
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  3. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Which Gun do you use in those matches?
  4. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    The As Val, MP5, and Famas. They're all really decent guns.
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  5. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    I've been used famas till now, can I use as val as it's successor? Idk damage feels low on famas now
  6. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    It's a good weapon but does have a small clip and slightly higher recoil than most guns however, once you get used to it you'll be able to dominate the battlefield.
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  7. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    I use ak47 so the recoil is nothing for me.
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  8. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    Yea, if you use the AK47 the recoil on the AS Val should be so easy to control.
  9. Twobullets

    Twobullets Member

    AS Val is bae...
  10. Vhinx

    Vhinx Member

    they have ranked? souns like fun
  11. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

    Yea. It isn't official it's just a fan-made gamemode but it really increases your skill as you're playing with other players from the top clans.

    If you are interested in playing here is the discord link:
  12. Vhinx

    Vhinx Member

    can u send another one it sad it was expired
  13. xKuro

    xKuro Moderator Staff Member

  14. Fr0steDCheerios2

    Fr0steDCheerios2 Active Member

    Yea, ak12.

    Its so bad compared to the famas and it cost twice more.
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  15. KingBird01YT

    KingBird01YT New Member

    I regret buying vector it is not as good as I thought.
    I rgret buying m60 O should've waited till it was credits and I feel it will get nerfed.
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  16. InsydeH20

    InsydeH20 Member

    I regret buying 870 MCS cebause it SUCC for me. It takes 6-8 shells to kill someone :/
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  17. goldmaster11

    goldmaster11 Moderator Staff Member

    Do you ADS or hipfire? Remember to hit the body or head for best results.
  18. FlacoSZN

    FlacoSZN Member

    I regret buying the vector because of the buff the mpx got ..... Wish i could give back the vector and spend that on skins
  19. isuke2930

    isuke2930 Member

    TK. It is now useless...super small hit box , hardly hit anyone even with ADS when using guns. Now shuriken, the new TK is out lmao.

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