Considering sniping, need advice

Discussion in 'General' started by Lakshayy, Apr 16, 2017.

Which one should I start with

  1. M40a1 with sniper scope

  2. M40a1 with other non zooming scope (coyote)

  3. M200 with a sniper scope

  4. M200 with coyote

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  1. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    I'm considering sniping now because I don't want to play with more because they seem boring. I am considering starting sniping but since you can't hard scope in this game that much, I don't want to play with a rifle scope. Also I'm confused between m200 and m40a1.
    Also should I put laser on sniper?
  2. WongPai

    WongPai Active Member

    I had credits to get rid of, sooooo i bought the m40a1, i like it, its pretty much a 1 shot kill gun, its pretty fun sniping ppl..... i dnt use the claw method, just the regular, so no quick scope for me, but its more realistic that way.

    The best map for learning to snipe/ timing shots is urban

    I stay away from lasers, it gives up ur position, makes u an easy target..... ive got a lazer on 1 gun, AK47....... 1, it matches the guns camo 2, once u c the green light........ its already too late

    Just make sure u have a secondary gun ur very proficient with. (etc.. DE, G18 )
  3. Grand Commander

    Grand Commander Active Member

    If you are going to be a front-line sniper, use the claw. You can find YT vids about it... if you are going to snipe from the back lines, then the claw isn't necessary. Lasers help with hip fire and they don't give away your position because you already have a glare from your sniper. Good Luck!
  4. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Na man I'm not gonna be a frontline sniper, I have assault rifles for that, Imma just lay back and snipe (and camp for a bit:p) some kids so my KD doesn't dip hard. I don't want to bend my hands in funny ways so I don't want to use claw.
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  5. Vhinx

    Vhinx Member

    M40a1 because it shoots way faster so if you miss u have a quicker chance to recover
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  6. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Hey, does any body know if the sniper rifle give glare if I am not using other scopes, or iron sight?
  7. goldmaster11

    goldmaster11 Moderator Staff Member

    The sniper rifle model with scope is always shown for other players regardless of the sight they actually use.
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  8. Grand Commander

    Grand Commander Active Member

    Yes, there is always a glare from a sniper whether a scope sight or iron sights.
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  9. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Thanks, I thought I could snipe with iron sights but it makes no sense now
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  10. BackSpacePL

    BackSpacePL New Member

    M200 it little bit slower than M40 but in my opinion is 10 times better because they have a higher damage and bullet penetration ;)

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