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  1. Haha
  2. Cbaccam
    CBACCAM Looking for a Good ACTIVE Clan...I play everyday add me on discord Cbaccam #8207
  3. Dominantis
    Do you guys still play Bullet Force on PC on the Pacogames website?
  4. Grand Commander
    Grand Commander
    Started a YT channel. It's called: TheCasualGamer. Please go check it out! If you enjoy my vids please like, comment, and subscribe!
  5. Davimonster12
    It's going to be hell in bullet force I can already see it.
  6. Davimonster12
    I can just imagine when the next Bullet Force update comes out, there are going to be many people waiting to buy the m60 for credits.
    1. Brosif21
      M60 needs to be nerfed. Even all the youtubers like iChase and BeachBannana even said it was op.
      Apr 13, 2017
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    2. Davimonster12
      I know right? :D
      Apr 13, 2017
  7. Grand Commander
    Grand Commander
    Once the populous gets their hands on the M60, it will be literal hell on earth... Why does Lucas make the game so realistic? XD
  8. SorryIShotYou
    I'm going try hard on my main account, trying to keep it F2P. My other account is one my brother and I share. #M60Life
  9. TazzManiaDevilz
    Follow WuTG_Clan On twitter we are req right now
  10. LordAlmighty
    Current Loadout : Ak47
  11. LordAlmighty
    Current Loadout :
  12. Grand Commander
    Grand Commander
    This game is bringing weapons that are far too OP. Desert Eagle and M60... "are you not entertained?"
    1. LordAlmighty
      1) Vector is a "aim and forget" weapon. Skill no bar. Every idiot is invited to this buffet.2) M60 : No recoil. High damage. Low spread. Can't win against these beasts.3) Desert Eagle : Why the heck is this even a side arm? This sucker should be placed along side the fricking bazooka.
      Apr 10, 2017
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    2. LordAlmighty
      Also : [INSERT ANY ABOVE WEAPON HERE] + (<100 ms ping) = Go Eff yourself in your nether region, coz you dead even before you spawn, you female canines.
      Apr 10, 2017
  13. oops!!
    Nerf m60 FFS!
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    2. LordAlmighty
      No poop. That gun has been blessed by the spawn of satan itself.
      Apr 10, 2017
  14. pavan12
    Saiga works perfectly but shotgun was very bad.
  15. Davimonster12
    The m6o is my b*tch it's just toats awesome. I don't have the gun but when I pick it up from the ground, I got a nuke one game. I CAN'T WAIT
  16. SorryIShotYou
    M60 is a f**king god
  17. LexusLx570
    LexusLx570 nxtboyIII
    Hello Lucas, I can not understand why you added me to the black list. I did not use cheat and hack. I have a high skill due to the game in modern combat 2,3,4,5. In modern combat 5 I have k / d 4.2. In modern combat 5, I no longer play as there is one donut. Understand this problem, not pleasantly in the black list. Thankful. My account : Lexus570
  18. AlbanianMuslim
    User name: AlbanianMuslim I have win these 450 gold and I wanted to buy 80thousend credits and my gold has been dispared also i have 0 gold
  19. gil69
    Cant login... 10 min later its ok
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  20. pavan12
    In android version why shotgun not kill people it takes 5 to 6 shots to kill in close range shotgun is the worst gun in BF.
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      I agree.. shotgun is shitgun, except for Saiga.
      Mar 30, 2017
    3. WongPai
      Try using the 870 with the trigger finger perk n the fast reload
      Mar 30, 2017
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      I tried everything. It just doesn't work on android. The cheap shotgun. Saiga works wonders.
      Mar 30, 2017