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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by goldmaster11, Aug 4, 2017.

By goldmaster11 on Aug 4, 2017 at 7:19 AM
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    Many of you would have loved to have Woods remastered. You asked for it. The new map will bring back some elements from older maps including Woods. Here's a preview screenshot and video of the new map!

    Click here to see the GIF preview.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by goldmaster11, Aug 4, 2017.

    1. DanGibBro
      [The finale of Overture 1812 by Tchaikovsky plays in the background]

      Thank you! Thank you, Lucas!
      That looks stunning, quite nice lighting physics for a mobile game.
    3. RadioActive
      wow, amazingly designed. Loved the graphic. Good job lukas.
    4. Jaaysquare
      Now I need to hurry and get them shuriken. Some people are gon be pissed
    5. CroHunter
      My childhood map is back
    6. PepeLePierre420
      I have a new favorite map
    7. jackm347
      When's this gonna come out??? So hyped!!!
    8. jim Moriarty
    9. mighTcom
      Pleeeeeeease make the Mp7 and a Beretta M9A1 or 90two. AND PLEASE MAKE IT BUYABLE WITH CREDITS.
    10. goldmaster11
      Lucas will release it whenever he feels like it's ready and when Apple and Google approve the updates.

      I'm sorry but most guns will have to cost gold whether they're early access or gold exclusive. All of the new guns that have been added since MP5 prove this. According to Lucas (the dev), on average, it takes $1600 to make a new gun for Bullet Force, $5000 for current server costs, and there's taxes and employee salaries to pay.
    11. RoTz
      Very nice. Can't wait to play this. Good work all.
    12. PepeLePierre420
      That's a lot of money. I should buy gold
    13. WongPai
      U can buy gold, or watch vids.... each vid earns Lucas 5 cents.... 50 cent a day times 20 days equals 10 dollars.....

      If u buy gold, 10 dollars gets u 1200 gold.... extra 200 for using real money
    14. EXTINCT1ON
      I don't believe that making a new gun would cost THAT much money, I mean the animations would take a while to implement but the stats of the gun would only be typed in. I used to make 3D Models in 'SketchUp' of many things in my spare time. I once made a toilet, a hotel, lots of stuff; when I was just starting high school. Heck, even I once made a gun in that program, it looked quite decent too.
      This is the toilet I made in SketchUp, it has over 50,000 downloads on the online '3D Warehouse'.

      I can understand the server costs and the pay to the staff and all that but I don't think adding a new gun would cost that much. That toilet I made up there took me only a few hours to do.
    15. mighTcom
      I have seen the mp7 in forward assault cant he copy it to bullet force?
    16. goldmaster11
      Bullet Force and Forward Assault run on the Unity game engine and share common assets, so it is totally possible to add Forward Assault weapon models with some changes.

      It is totally up to himself whether he wants to actually do it.
    17. mighTcom
      And how can we say him that we want this weapon in bullet force

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