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  1. GetRektM8

    GetRektM8 New Member

    Straight to point: I need to know what perks I should be using for my a)sniper, b)ak47 c)ump.
    Any help will be good and thx.

    NISZCZOR Member

    Okay. So first for sniper.

    1.bomb does less effect one
    2.Aim down sight fast

    First one cuz snipers are least aware of the granades.

    For ak 47
    1. Extra magazine
    2. Rapid heal (helps while rushing)
    3. Fast knife (helps while rushing)
    4. Move fas while aim.

    Here if you dont use extra magazine, then use a fast switch between primary and secondary. That'll help

    I never used ump so i am not supposed to suggest anything about it.
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  3. DanGibBro

    DanGibBro Member

    Here's my suggestion:
    1. Sniper Loadout
    - Super Strafe (makes you move faster when aiming)
    - Loaded or Bounty (this way you won't ran out of ammo)
    - Shield (this is OPTIONAL, but this one is useful if someone noobtube'd you from afar)
    - Trigger Finger (OPTIONAL. It's quite useful if you by any chance are using the MK11. It's also useful if you decided to switch to your sidearm for CQB.)

    2. AK-47
    - Extended (More rounds in a magazine.)
    - Super Strafe (Very useful in a 1v1 situation. You can also peek corners much faster.)
    - Rapid Heal (I don't need to explain this one do I?)
    - Trigger Finger (Optional)

    3. UMP (Keep in mind that this one is based on my loadout)
    - Optimize (Reload faster)
    - Super strafe
    - Trigger finger
    - FMJ (bullets penetrate better)
  4. 2K17Shooter

    2K17Shooter Member

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  5. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    Here are my suggestion :-
    1. Sniper - Trigger finger
    Rapid heal or FMJ
    Super Strafe
    Aim down sights faster
    Switch weapons faster.
    I don't recommend using extended is because , you are a sniper and so you won't be rushing you will be at a safe distance from your enemy most of the time so you will have plenty of time to reload , with the faster weapon switch perk , you can easily switch to secondary in case of close encounters. FMJ will help wall banging.

    2. AK47 - undetectable
    Aim down faster

    I suggest the extended since the AK47 is a. Deadly weapon and with undetectable nobody can spot you on the map even if they use their uav , so you become super stealthy , you should always try to flank them if you have this perk , if you don't want to use undetectable then I would say use : extended , super Strafe , quick heal , aim down faster , faster weapon switch.

    3. UMP - extended
    Super Strafe
    Quick blade
    Quick heal.

    Quick blade will be useful when the enemy tries to jump around you so that you can't aim, with quick blade you just knife him.
    Super Strafe really is a very helpful perk and I use it all the time it basically allows you to move faster while aiming down sights.

    If you mostly play in FFA then I will suggest you to use undetectable perk since most of the players keep an eye on the minimap to spot their enemies but with undetectable they can never spot you on the map this really helps in FFA , if you mostly play TDM you can ignore undetectable.
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  6. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    If you want to get a nuke then only use the bounty perk , since you will need lot of ammo . But if you aren't so interested in getting a nuke then ignore the bounty perk .
  7. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Use whatever perks, but be sure to use accelerate in each one of them, no perk is as effective as being a able to see your enemy,
    You get 3 kills and get to Uav , kill one more and you get counter Uav, after that you can flank around (if you having undetectable or using counter Uav) and get an easy quad.
  8. Ninjax98rs

    Ninjax98rs New Member

    Undetectable and Optimize on all classes except for Sniper that's when I use Rapid Draw, Trigger Finger, Fast Hands and Undetectable.

    Sometimes I play a supportive role and has killstreaks which benefits my team. For that loadout I use Accelerate, Shield, Rapid Heal and Trigger Finger to stay alive longer so I can keep protecting my teammates. For Sniper you can change Rapid Heal to Quick Blade for more effective CQC.

    Use every perks and see what benefits you the most such as playstyle, feelings and your motives.
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  9. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    Use optimise only if your weapon has less bullets in it's mag , I would suggest optimise only if you have less than 30 bullets , optimise really helps if you use the as Val, on other weapons you have around 40 bullets , so you can easily take down at least 3 or 4 enemies before reloading again .
    If you are sniping don't use rapid heal since most often you will die easily if you miss the shot and your enemy notices you , currently I use super Strafe with every loadout because I can peek through corners easily also I can Strafe left and right which makes it hard for someone to get a steady aim at you.
    One more tip - Do not use your killstreak as soon as you get them , use the uav and counter uav if you are flanking , is super soldier and haste very wisely , if lot of enemies are near you then use your super soldier and just spray all around.
    Now don't wonder when to use a nuke if you got it lol.
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