New and Improved Weapon Camo Graphics and Sneek Peek on new Gun

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by goldmaster11, Jun 3, 2017.

By goldmaster11 on Jun 3, 2017 at 2:10 AM
  1. goldmaster11

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    The camo artist working for Lucas Wilde has found a new way of making weapon camouflages. Here are the old camo graphics vs new camo graphics.





    Here we have a sneek peek on another upcoming gun!



    Other changes for the upcoming update:

    - M4A1 will be 4 shot kill and have reduced camera shake.
    - New event mode
    - Matches will be sorted in this order: public, private, generated
    - Weapons in loadout will be sorted from least to most expensive
    - Invisible walls fixed in Oupost barrier under truck added. Chair and table collision in Park and Office fixed.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by goldmaster11, Jun 3, 2017.

    1. Tsubaki21
      I don't think the P90 should be implemented into the game lol and how about when designing camos can we make them for the entire whole of the gun not just sections of it. That's rather annoying to me and I'm sure to a lot of others.
    2. InsydeH20
      1. very high firing rate
      2. shit accuracy
    3. KnifeForce5503
      I don't think It'll have shit accuracy...all SMGs in this game has very good accuracy and stability(especially UMP and MPX), so this gun would have it as well.
    4. Armaghan
      I so agree, i hate to see the camos on Ak47 only cover the middle part, the back rest is still shit color. I would like to see future camos cover whole weapons
    5. goldmaster11
      Lower damage per shot could balance P90 against the other SMG's.
    6. Vhinx
      The p90 for real that gun better nof have a huge amount clip
    7. xLGNDx
      I do like the new camo style, gives the gun more of a wear look.
      And as always, my gold is at the ready haha!
    8. LeoValdez21
      Is the P90 coming with the Mk11 in the next update?
    9. goldmaster11
      P90 looks ready judging from the detail in the screenshot.
    10. goldmaster11
      Improvements for upcoming update have been listed.
    11. SimplyTashi
      The next update should have a handgun since there barely any
    12. goldmaster11
      The Five-Seven from Forward Assault would be the quickest fix for that. The only problem is we don't know if Lucas has given it its stats.
    13. Misterheadshit7
      What is an event mode? Cud u plz elaborate?
    14. Anchit
      I think screen shake for Deagle should be decreased
    15. SimplyTashi
      You mean the recoil?
    16. goldmaster11
      From the information we've been given, it will be a mode with forced weapon restrictions such as "Snipers Only" for now.
    17. ReasonZ
      I can't for the update!! That sniper rifle damn!!
    18. Shubham
      Does the event started......there is a beta update for bullet force .. but i didnt updated as there is only generated lobbies for full day
    19. AdamC4
      I agree in CSGO and some other FPS games it has like 50 bullets and that's gonna be bad in BF, because it's gonna be too op like M60 or UMP. At least thats what I think

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