Invisible hack plus [BANNED]

Discussion in 'Hacker Reports' started by Dizziepunch, May 19, 2017 at 8:37 PM.

  1. Dizziepunch

    Dizziepunch Member

    Pay close attention to murderman. He is often Invisible. At the end I say I recorded and everyone drops out.
  2. xLGNDx

    xLGNDx Active Member

    It is possible to do that sadly. I did see another video of this from the hackers PoV. Did it through the Game Guardian program.
  3. The game needs anticheat, which is fairly easy to code. As soon as you detect any change in the coding from the user that doesn't fit the cookie cutter, then you booot them out.
  4. Dizziepunch

    Dizziepunch Member

    The thing is, Bullet Force is built with Unity software. It has the code built in but, like most games, is not active. It's kind of like "junk DNA".
  5. Yeah because before you guys brought this up, I thought lucas was using Unreal.

    It was the lighting.
  6. goldmaster11

    goldmaster11 Moderator Staff Member

    MurderMan1 has been banned.
  7. TOPGUN21

    TOPGUN21 New Member

    Lmao I was whooping MurderMan's ass left and right back to back today. That's tragic. When you're level 92 you don't notice hackers.
  8. Dizziepunch

    Dizziepunch Member

    Thank you.

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