AUG, Serbu Shorty 12G, and new map coming soon!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by FlacoSZN, Aug 1, 2017.

By FlacoSZN on Aug 1, 2017 at 11:30 AM
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    We are glad to present you screenshots of the new map and upcoming weapons to Bullet Force!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by FlacoSZN, Aug 1, 2017.

    1. FlacoSZN
      The guns are Serbu super shorty 12 gauge & AUG A3 ...... I'm personally used to the AUG A2 but i don't mind the A3
    2. Goddamn-Gypsum
      That map looks boss. Lucas should make large maps where you can go like inside the buildings or at least balconies. That way there will be more places to camp, but also lets you think more tactically and strategically. I'm not saying that all the maps should be like that, but just a few for more interesting gameplay.
      That is very good news for Bullet Force. Both the STEYR AUG A3 and the Shorty 12G were my favourite guns in Battlefield 4. To see two more iconic weapons integrated into the game is great news indeed. Very excited for the new update. Also cannot wait to get my hands on the 'MK11' for credits. I wonder what the new map will be called.
    4. FlacoSZN
      This looks like a map off of halo
    5. FlacoSZN
      New map areas

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    6. JakeEfil
      Yay new weapon and map!! So hyped!
    7. JakeEfil
      Or he can make a new mode
      <Team War>
      In this mode, killed players are no longer respawn until a team wiped out completely. Last team standing earns one point, team with the most point wins the battle.
      Health regeneration is also reduced and sniper's range is halved
    8. FlacoSZN
      Map won't be next update tho ... only the guns
      Pls fix ads system.I was going to buy vector but ads system broken because of this i cant get gold.
    10. EXTINCT1ON
      I can imagine that in this mode there will always be that one dude sitting in the back hiding all round. Maybe after two minutes their location is revealed on the minimap?
    11. Allisonstorres
      [QUOTE = "FlacoSZN, post: 12170, member: 6792"] As armas são Serbu super shorty 12 gauge & AUG A3 ...... Eu sou pessoalmente usado para o AUG A2, mas eu não me importo com o A3 [ /CITAR]

      I hope that these weapons give to buy with normal currencies and not with gold because if it does not get very unfair
    12. goldmaster11
      Lucas needs that money for a variety of reasons, so all new weapons are premium. He has to pay taxes, employee salaries, electric bills, and savings, and others.
    13. jim Moriarty
      jim Moriarty
      when will be the guns released?
    14. JakeEfil
      Yep that, or why don't use "danger area" system:
      Every 1 minute, play area become smaller, players who stand outside of the safe area will gradually take damage.
      Like in the popular Player Unknown's Battleground where better campers wins the battle
    15. JakeEfil
      You can still earn gold by watching ads, it's bugged though.
      Yep fair play is demanded everywhere, but we can't sacrifice our developer lol they have rights to earn profits and continue their life
    16. Allisonstorres
      [QUOTE = "JakeEfil, postagem: 12244, membro: 8367"] Você ainda pode ganhar ouro ao assistir, está com problemas.
      Yep fair play é exigido em todos os lugares, mas não podemos sacrificar o nosso desenvolvedor lol, eles são direitos para ganhar lucros e continuar sua vida [/ QUOTE]

      Eu entendo que ele DEVE ganhar seu dinheiro, porque o ganho de ouro vídeo tem um limite por dia?
    17. JakeEfil
      Gua nggak tau kamu ngomong apa, pake bahasa inggris bisa ga? Anjir lu
    18. Allisonstorres
      [QUOTE = "JakeEfil, post: 12249, membro: 8367"] Gua nggak tau kamu ngomong apa, pake bahasa inggris bisa ga? Anjir lu [/ QUOTE]

      I did not understand what you wrote
    19. JakeEfil
      Artinya lu goblok

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