Another hacker.. Is anything even done about them?

Discussion in 'Hacker Reports' started by Ash, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Ash

    Ash New Member

    Eduardo221 is his name.

    Just curious tho does anyone actually do anything to stop them from this forum?

    Edit: I wish I could edit out my stupid banter :((((
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  2. goldmaster11

    goldmaster11 Active Member

    There are no active moderators or administrators here.

    Post this to the #hacker-report channel on Bullet Force's official Discord server, or Tweet this to @bulletforcehelp if you have a Twitter account.
  3. Alienguts_1234

    Alienguts_1234 New Member

    First things first, he is not hacking. He is lagging, believe me I know...
  4. Ash

    Ash New Member

    Yes... He is hacking. He's moving faster then the spectators camera... And if u looked closely his ping is only 200. So no it isn't lag.

    BTW I know the difference between lag & hacks.
  5. Alienguts_1234

    Alienguts_1234 New Member

    Okay, well I've been playing a lot longer than a lot of people so I was just talking from experience...
  6. Alienguts_1234

    Alienguts_1234 New Member

    And 200 is pretty high
  7. Ash

    Ash New Member

    Ehh, the ping still isnt high enough to continously skip and move faster then everyone on the server. And again spectators camera is faster then any normal player.
  8. Ash

    Ash New Member

    And if I wasnt clear before, he is speed hacking.
  9. LordAlmighty

    LordAlmighty New Member

    Nope. That is definitely a hack . Its like he is continuously on haste.
  10. Jack

    Jack New Member

    SOMEONE BAN THIS MOFO [9MM] DAMONISH for gold and skin hack
  11. goldmaster11

    goldmaster11 Active Member

    Where's your evidence?

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